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With a reputation for excellence, our mission is to keep every driver on the road safe and secure. Call us today about our diesel and commercial truck repair services.

Commercial Truck Repair in Lafayette, Indiana

Since opening in 1998, Tippecanoe Truck Service, Inc., of Lafayette, Indiana, has been the premier commercial truck repair shop, armed with a crew of trained mechanics able to tackle any engine repair project.

Check Engine Lights

When your truck's check engine light pops on, bring it in and we'll perform a proper diagnostic check, assessing any problem for you. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can pinpoint any issue and provide you with a complete estimate, including exact costs for the repairs and parts.

Trucks have up to 16 computers to keep everything running properly. If one computer is not operating correctly trouble presents itself, which escalates problems if left unchecked. From simple loose connections to complete engine overhauls, our diagnostic and engine light services are as professional and thorough as any in the industry.


Keeping your truck's clutch maintained is not a luxury, as a damaged clutch can destroy a transmission. A telltale sign that the clutch needs repair is when your truck stops moving, but remains in gear. Let us take care of all your clutch maintenance and keep you safely and securely on the road.

General Repair

Providing complete maintenance services to keep you and your truck on the road, our technicians and garage can handle any repair or maintenance issue. Working with a complete diagnostic system, we are able to locate any necessary repair and have the job completed in a timely manner.

From ABS, dashes, and suspension work to clutches, brakes, transmissions repairs and replacements, you can rest easy knowing we can work on any tractor trailer you have. Let us know how our truck maintenance and repair services can be of assistance to you or your company.
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